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ATM Advertising


Use the ATM like a billboard when prospective clients walk past. With more details as they use the machine and take your message home with them on their receipt.

ATM Advertising in Australia - Moving Billboards
ATM Advertising in Australia - Moving Billboards

Design your customer wrap to go on the front and sides of the ATM and your message to be displayed on the screen and to be printed on the receipt.


We deploy your wrap to the ATM's selected for your campaign and remotely deploy your settings and graphics to be displayed on the ATM screen.


Reap the rewards of new customers who are taking your message home with them. Using the ATM as a billboard means you have eyes on your campaign all the time.

Make ATMs your new form of Billboard Advertising.

Did you know that there are over 10,000 ATM locations in Australia and New Zealand? ATM advertising offers a raft of marketing options for businesses and organizations looking to promote their brand, attract new customers and attract attention. An ATM is far more than a cash dispensing machine. It’s an opportunity to introduce your business to prospective buyers using targeted billboard signs, branded wraps, personalised screen messages and bespoke dockets. 

At Moving Billboards, we have extensive experience in helping our clients capitalise on ATM advertising's impact and reach. Whether this is a new element of your marketing campaign, or you’re looking to make changes or work on fresh ideas to improve the results of existing campaigns, we’re confident we can help. 

What exactly is ATM advertising?

ATM advertising is a means of marketing your brand and encouraging customers to utilise ATMs as marketing billboards. Thousands of people use ATMs every year. From the moment the prospective customer is approaching the ATM to the point where they take their cash and receipt, there are opportunities to capture their attention and introduce them to your brand. Branded signage can also grab the attention of passers-by. 

Moving Billboards specialises in using billboard advertising to turn heads and put businesses on the map. ATM advertising is a technique, which capitalises on the popularity and geographical prevalence of machines to connect businesses with customers across entire cities, states or countries. 

We offer three main products and services to enable our customers to benefit from targeted ATM advertising, including:

Branded ATM Signage and Wraps

Branded ATM signage and wraps are designed to catch the eye and bring people to the ATM. You can use a personalised design to promote your brand and make the ATM more visually appealing. Include your business name and your logo and create a design that draws attention and leaves potential customers wanting to learn more. Signage and wraps can be altered and adjusted to run seasonal campaigns or advertise promotions and deals. A striking design will set you apart from other businesses and make your brand memorable. 

On-screen ATM Advertising

When you use an ATM, you pay attention to the screen, following instructions to take your cash out. For marketers and business owners, on-screen ATM advertising offers an opportunity to connect with customers at a time when they are focused entirely on one screen in front of them. You have a captive audience ready and waiting for you. You can use your screen time to introduce your brand, tell the customer what your business offers and how you could benefit them and provide details of how they can find out more or take advantage of special offers or introductory incentives. Think of the ATM screen as a mini billboard. You have the chance to speak to the user and encourage them to take the next step. Depending on your objectives, they may sign up for email updates, make a call or follow your brand on social media. As well as forming a connection with ATM users, you can also attract the attention of thousands, maybe even millions of passers-by in high-traffic locations. 

Printed, Personalised Dockets.

Many people opt to print a receipt when they take money out or pay cash in. As a business owner, dockets provide another way to promote the brand name and remind the individual to visit your website or call to find out more. You can add a logo or a strapline to enforce your message and encourage the customer to get in touch. 

Premium ATM advertising with Moving Billboards

At Moving Billboards, our mission is to help our clients and customers get the attention they deserve. We offer a raft of advertising services, bespoke products and billboard hire to enable clients to raise brand awareness, attract new customers in new locations and increase sales. ATM advertising is an effective way to target large numbers of clients and connect with people when their attention is fixed on the screen in front of them. With ATM advertising, you can turn heads in the street, send out personalised, targeted messages and make your brand memorable with printed receipts and eye-catching wrap designs. 

ATM Advertising in Australia - Moving Billboards

We offer premium ATM advertising services, focusing on three key areas to create a simple but effective process:


The first step is to design your custom wraps and prepare the messages and content you want to display on the ATM screen. You might already know exactly what you want, but if you need inspiration or ideas, or you’re struggling to translate the vision in your head into a viable marketing product design, our expert team is here to help. The aim is to create designs that make people stop, look and take note and encourage prospective customers to find out more. We can help you to produce wraps and signage that will set your brand apart and stop traffic. We don’t want you to blend in. We can also help you with on-screen messaging and bespoke printed docket design. 


Once your designs are ready, and you’re raring to go, the next step is to deploy your bespoke wraps to the chosen ATM locations. When the ATM is ready, we can monitor and control the settings and graphics remotely. Choosing locations is a critical stage of the planning process. You want people to see and use the ATMs, and you want to target locations that will be popular among your ideal customers.


This is the fun part! Once the planning is complete, and your campaign is underway, sit back, relax and reap the rewards. Using ATMs as billboards enable you to connect with passers-by and customers stopping to use the machine. As well as benefiting from connecting with hundreds, thousands or even millions of users, you can also monitor interaction, keeping a close eye on your campaign at all times.

ATM Advertising in Australia - Moving Billboards

What are the benefits of ATM advertising?

Most of us think of ATMs as machines that dole out cash. At Moving Billboards, we see ATMs as billboards that offer golden opportunities for businesses and organisations to spread the word, create leads and put their brand on the map. Here are some of the most significant benefits of using ATM advertising:

Reach: there are over 10,000 locations in Australia and New Zealand, with millions of people walking past or stopping to use a machine every year. With branded wraps and screen messaging, you can reach out to vast audiences.

Targeted marketing: ATM advertising affords companies the option to target specific locations to maximise the quality of leads and increase conversion chances. For example, if you’re selling financial services, using ATMs in a financial district and areas that are popular with commuters and professionals is an excellent idea. 

Cost-effective: ATM advertising is beneficial for businesses searching for a cost-effective means of promoting products and services. This form of marketing boasts both low entry and running costs. 

Improved Return on Investment (ROI): low costs and targeted campaigns reduce expenses and improve ROI. 

Promotions, offers and new products: ATM advertising is an excellent way to create a buzz around new products, special offers and introductory deals and incentives. Turn heads and encourage people to visit your website, check you out on social media or subscribe with captivating wraps and persuasive on-screen messages. 

Remind customers about your brand: life is hectic for many people, and it’s easy to forget about an advert you’ve seen or a message you’ve read if you were on the phone at the time or you’ve gone straight from the ATM to your desk. With ATM advertising, you can issue a reminder and reduce customers' risk of forgetting about your brand with printed dockets. 

Scalability: ATM advertising can benefit businesses of all sizes across several sectors, and it can be scaled up or down to suit the requirements of the business and your budget. Increase the number of locations in line with expansion plans, new site, store openings, or target a small number of specific areas to boost ROI. 

How can I find out more?

Could your business benefit from ATM marketing? If you like the sound of our ATM advertising services, and you’re keen to start working on a campaign for your brand, we’d love to hear from you! We specialise in billboard advertising, offering design and deployment services to bring customers in, enhance brand image and get people talking about your business. 

If you’re keen to learn about what we do and how our services could benefit you, get in touch today! Call to find out more or email us for a quote at We can provide custom solutions to send sales soaring. 


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