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Moving LCD Billboards

We place LCD billboards on trailers and move them to different locations in different areas to get the best exposure of your brand.

Your Car Business Advertised on our Moving Billboards
Your Building Business Advertised on our Moving Billboards
Advertising your Business on our Moving Billboards

Being Seen. Morning, Noon and Night















Moving Billboard Advertising Facts

Best ROI Advertising

Attract the eye of potential customers from 100m away
Locations for moving digital screens to
Percent of statistics are made up on the spot

Digital Outdoor Billboards


Easy to Deal with

We Bring Professionalism To Everything We Do



Have a prominent business location?
We are always looking for more locations to house our screens. We can house one screen at your location and advertise your business on another screen.




Our Advertising

One of our original ads we have running on our moving LCD billboards to show off how a video with the right movement and lighting is able to attract views to your display as potential clients pass by.


Digital mobile billboard trucks have become popular, but the most capable in terms of gaining exposure are static mobile billboards. Mobile Billboards are generally used due to the perceived benefits such as being able to deliver a message in places where traditional billboards are unavailable. Many also find it advantageous that the message is less likely to be tuned out by drivers than other advertising mediums.

Respondents recalled mobile billboards
Recall rate of specific businesses advertising
Better Cost per View (CPV)
Digital LCD Moving Billboard

We find the locations, setup the billboards and monitor traffic.

Helping Your Business Advertise to more people

Moving Billboards Australia